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Quality is involved throughout the supply chain from auditing suppliers to releasing finished products. Our processes are monitored throughout production for parameters such as taste, salt level, moisture and foreign material.

We provide countless customers with a superior product range that exceeds expectations. We have done this for over 40 years and will continue to further invest in the latest technological advancements, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

“Really responsive company and super helpful in any requests or questions that I have.” - Fiona Murray, JDR


Over 3 generations we have developed our experience and a successful track record in sourcing raw materials direct from farmers. This is what our customers value, which helps maintain a long and mutually beneficial relationship with them.
With so many years of procurement experience, we have reached a refined sense of when to purchase our raw materials and from which sources.

Raw Material Cleaning & Sorting

Our de-stoners remove most of the physical contaminants and our advanced laser sorting machines check the biomarkers of individual nuts and remove, at high speed, those deemed to be out of spec.

Nibbing and Pasting

Nibbing nuts into smaller pieces opens new doors of opportunity for product development. We offer different grades of nibbed products to suit customer requirements. 

Nut butter can be used in ice cream recipes or ready-made meals. We provide nut butter in 1kg and 12 kg buckets with varying consistency and texture levels for different applications. 


For snacking or industrial applications in the cereal, chocolate coating and ice cream industries, our caramelisation pans have enough capacity to satisfy most customer demands. We caramelise both nibbed and whole nuts and seeds with or without honey depending on customer preferences.

Our caramelised nuts and seeds usually go to other industry partners who further process them into fine final retail products for consumers.

packaging nuts


The quality of any flavoured product depends on understanding flavours and raw materials as well as current and future culinary trends. This starts with market research into consumer eating trends and talking to our industry partners. After several trials and taste panels, a final selection of flavours would be made for a particular season or all-year-round product. Our new product development and marketing teams play a crucial role in product innovation before factory trials are made and new products are adopted.


Our continuous roasting lines have recently been refurbished to be more energy efficient. Our capacity can cope with major retailer demands. Additional manual inspection is carried out before roasting for greater quality assurance. Our roasters can cope with air-dry or oil-drizzled roasting methods, depending on customer specifications. Flavouring may be added to a product before or after the roasting process.

packaging nuts


We invest in technology to enhance our capabilities. In September 2022 we commissioned a high-speed automated packing and boxing line to cope with the capacity demands and accuracy expected by our customers. 

We offer multiple packing options depending on customer requirements. Bulk packing from 10kg boxes to one ton tote bags, vacuum packing, retail and private label packing using pillow, quad or doy packs with zip line. 

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