Team & Culture

Our team works tirelessly to deliver excellent quality nuts.

Our mission is to provide customers with all the nutritional benefits of tree nuts and dried fruit-based products, which enhance and improve their everyday living.

our vision is to become the most innovative supplier in the nuts, dried fruits, dates and speciality confectionery ingredients industry.

10 Nationalities.
12 Languages.
1 Global Family.

Our Story


With roots and connections in the Middle East, Zeina had the knowledge base and advantage of working with cooperatives that were able to supply large quantities of pistachio nuts into the UK market at competitive prices. This quickly attracted big packers and quality retail stores to see Zeina as their strategic partner in pistachio nuts.

Over the years our portfolio of products expanded to include other tree nuts as well as dried fruits and seeds. Today we import our products globally from quality farming cooperatives and individual growers with an emphasis on ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Our commitment

We believe in helping the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. Over the last few years we have installed solar panels on our factory roof and we are proud to claim that 20% of our energy needs come from renewable sources.

We act with an ethical responsibility to support local food banks with their mission of providing for those dealing with food insecurity.

Looking Forward


From 1983 to 2022, Zeina isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Our recent expansions and investments allow us to plan further ahead in the future, to ultimately give all our customers the great satisfaction of reliability and trust.

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