About Us

 Zeina Foods Ltd is the UK's leading supplier of pistachio nuts, other tree nuts, dried fruits, snacking seeds and specialist Middle Eastern products.
Established in 1983 as a family owned business devoted to producing the finest quality products using premium ingredients. We firmly believe in producing healthy, good quality food for all to enjoy! Great emphasis is placed on developing the business, product diversity and remaining at the forefront of the pistachio market.
We specialise in importing, cleaning, flavouring and packing of a range of nuts, seeds, dried fruits and confectionery. Zeina Foods already caters for the following markets; snacking, Wholesale, bakery, ice cream, food service, ethnic and speciality food stores. Zeina Foods is both a peanut and sesame free site.
We aim to produce natural, healthy and innovative ingredients without compromising on quality. Working closely with our suppliers and customers we ensure product quality and safety as well as developing mutual business relations to maintain credibility. Development is promoted in the work place and we strive to promote environmentally and ethically friendly working practices.